The proceedings will be published in the RevMexAA (Serie de Conferencias), which is available on-line (http://www.astroscu.unam.mx/~rmaa/), and will be edited by R. Guzman, C. Packham, and J.M. Rodriguez-Espinoza.

The DEADLINE is October 15 2006. Please help us by strictly adhering to it.

Retrieve macros (and guidelines) from:

http://www.astroscu.unam.mx/~rmaa/ or http://www.astrosmo.unam.mx/rmaa/

Use the macros for the "Serie de Conferencias".

The page limits for each type of contribution are:

6 pages for invited talks
3 pages for short oral contributions
1 pages for porter presentations

As soon as your manuscript is ready, please ftp it to our anonymous ftp site, using the following guidelines:

ftp ftp.astro.ufl.edu (ask Ken/David)
login: anonymous
password: (your e-mail address)
cd /upload
put file_name.tex
put file_name_fig1.eps
put ...

Note that once you "put" a file you won't be able to delete it. When you complete the ftp please send an e-mail to admin@astro.ufl.edu.

Please take note of the following additional points:

1. Label the manuscript and figure files using the initial of your first name followed by your last name (in case of more than one contribution, add a sequential number after your last name)

e.g., jcepa1.tex, jcepa1_fig1.eps, jcepa1_fig2.ps, etc.

This will help us keep track of your figures and tables when we run a Latex macro for the whole book.

2. Papers may include color figures, but budget limitations require us to pass on the additional cost to the authors. Price per color page, on coated paper, is US$ 140.00.

3. Any question regarding the proceedings book should be sent to conference@astro.ufl.edu.