The most exciting astronomical discoveries are often associated with the most recent technological advances via larger telescopes and more sensitive instrumentation. The 10.4 meter Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC), hosting a unique complement of instruments, is scheduled for first light in 2006. Through its combination of large aperture and instrumentation, the GTC will provide the capability for significant advances in a range of astronomical disciplines, including exoplanets, star formation, black holes, distant galaxies, and cosmology.

The University of Florida Astronomy Department invites members of the community to join us for a conference focused upon science with the GTC first light instruments. The meeting aims to bring together both researchers and engineers from the US, Spain, and Mexico to strengthen scientific collaborations, plan key science programs for the GTC, and elucidate the instrumentation capabilities. The conference will consist of a main three day meeting, followed by a series of workshops focused upon specific instruments and science collaborations.