Scientific contributions: Talks & Posters

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Session 1: Star Formation: Formation of GMCs and star clusters
; The stellar initial mass function; Influence of feedback - protostellar outflows, massive stars; Properties of binary and multiple systems; Formation of brown dwarfs

 Day 1
Day 2

Session 2: Circumstellar Disks and Planet Formation: Gravitational instability and fragmentation; Theoretical models of disk structure; Basic observed properties: protostellar to debris disks, evolution and lifetimes; Star-disk-outflow interaction; Chemistry and grain evolution; Planetesimal formation; Terrestrail and Giant planet formation; Planet-disk interaction, migration; Planets and Debris Disks; Observational constraints from the Solar System; Observational constraints from exoplanet surveys; Planet-planet interactions; Planet formation and the star-forming environment.

Day 3
Day 4