Logistical Information for Participants

4th March 2007

Dear Stars to Planets Conference Participants,

1. Attached is a near final program and abstract book. Note there has been some shuffling of the order of presentations (and a merging of sessions 2 and 3) to make for better scientific coherence. This should help you with the relatively short durations of talk and poster summary presentations, since a previous speaker is likely to have already introduced the topic. The abstracts are listed in the order of presentation, including poster oral summaries. (You can submit revisions to your abstract to me, but these are unlikely to make it into the hard copy you'll receive at the meeting).

2. Poster summaries: Each poster presenter can submit one slide (powerpoint or pdf) for their 2 min. max. oral summary. Email these by Tuesday to:
Poster Overview 1: Audra Hernandez audrah@astro.ufl.edu
Poster Overview 2: Marcos Huerta marcosh@astro.ufl.edu
Poster Overview 3: Nadia Gorlova ngorlova@astro.ufl.edu
Poster Overview 4: Margaret Moerchen margaret@astro.ufl.edu
Poster Overview 5: Julian van Eyken vaneyken@astro.ufl.edu

3. Talk presentations: we will have a Mac and PC to display talks. We would like to collect these at least 1 day before the relevant session, if possible. We can collect via memory stick at the meeting or you can email them (or send a web-link) to Elizabeth Tasker tasker@astro.ufl.edu

4. Proceedings: There are no plans to have written proceedings, but we will electronically publish a conference summary and list of abstracts, and make the talks available on the conference web site.

5. Remember, if arriving into Gaineville airport and staying at University Hotel (352 376-1661) or the Hilton (352 371-3600) you can call the hotel for a free pick-up. Otherwise a taxi to the campus should be about ~<$20. If arriving on Tuesday there are likely to be other astronomers on your flight, and I suggest you try and meet up at the baggage claim belt to share taxis.


Dear Stars to Planets Conference Participants,
Here is some updated logistical information:
1. Registration fee: This has been waived for all participants. Also the fee for your conference dinner ticket. Guest tickets will still cost $40, but I need to know ahead of time if you require one. Also let me know if you are requesting vegetarian food, or if you are not planning to attend the dinner.

2. The welcome reception will now be in the Arredondo Room on the 4th Floor of the Reitz Union building from 5-7.30pm on Tuesday 10th April. This is a CHANGE to the previously emailed draft program. An updated program will be online later this week. At the reception you will also have the chance to set your posters up on the second floor in rooms 284, 285, and 278/279. Remember to prepare your one slide summary for poster oral presentations.

3. There are still 3 or 4 hotel rooms available in the Reitz Union for the Friday and Saturday evenings. Call 352 392-2151 with code "STAR07" by 5pm Tuesday 3rd April if you want them, after this they are released to the public. A few participants have found rooms in this B&B in the downtown area: http://www.bbonline.com/fl/laureloak/index.html

4. The talks will be in Room 282 in the Reitz Union, starting 8.45am on Wednesday 11th April. We are expecting the room to be very full. More information about the facilities in the building is here: http://www.union.ufl.edu/. Walk to Reitz Union if you are staying at the Holiday Inn (University Hotel). We have a morning shuttle bus from the Hilton leaving 8.30am on Wed, 8.45am the other days. You can also walk this in about 20 minutes or so. Hotels should provide you with campus maps. For non-guests, parking at the Reitz Union costs $5 per day, free on Saturday/Sunday, but the garage fills up quite early around 9.00am.

5. You will receive an email later this week with details of your individual user id and password for internet access in the Reitz Union and on campus.

6. To test theories of planetesimal formation, we will be organizing a conference pool (billiards) tournament: sign up at the conference welcome reception if interested.

7. Useful items for the excursion: hat, sunblock, swimsuit, binoculars for wildlife viewing. There will be a chance to go canoeing, kayaking.

See you soon in Gainesville!

Jonathan Tan
and the LOC

Dear Stars to Planets Conference Participants,
Here are a few points to help plan your visit and presentation:

1. Reserve your hotel rooms by MARCH 10th. The hotel information is appended in the email below this one. Note that Reitz Union hotel is nearly full. The Holiday Inn hotel has recently changed ownership and is now called the University Hotel, but has the same phone number.

2. A draft science program and schedule is attached to this email, and will appear soon on the web site. Note that there is overlap between the 3 sessions, also induced by travel schedules, etc. Invited talks are 17 minutes long plus 3 minutes for questions. Contributed talks are 12 minutes long plus 3 minutes for questions. We suggest you look at the other presentations near you in the meeting and, if necessary, coordinate with other speakers to avoid duplication or overlap, especially in the introduction of a particular topic. In general we hope speakers will concentrate on latest exciting science results, but also bear in mind that the audience will be a mixture of people from the star and planet formation communities.

3. Poster presenters have been placed into five groups, and you will have up to 2 minutes each in the overview sessions to highlight your work. You will be contacted before the meeting by the organizer of your group to provide a SINGLE powerpoint slide (or pdf slide). Other information about posters was in the 1st logistical email, below.

4. If you have dietary restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, vegan) AND plan to be attending the conference dinner ($30) on Friday 13th April, please email jt @ astro.ufl.edu. If you would like a guest ticket ($40) please email: jt @ astro.ufl.edu (these numbers are limited I'm afraid). If you are NOT planing on attending the conference dinner, please email: jt @ astro.ufl.edu. Otherwise, I'll assume you are coming - don't email: jt @ astro.ufl.edu!

5. It is too late now to request financial aid. If you already requested some financial aid you will be contacted separately in the next week or so.

Jonathan Tan
and the LOC

29th January 2007
Outline of conference schedule:

Tuesday 10th April 2007, ~5pm, welcome reception
Wednesday 11th April 2007, 9am start of science program
Thursday 12th April 2007, 12pm-5pm, excursion to Lake Wauburg and Paynes Prairie State Park
Thursday 12th April 2007, 5pm-10pm, Starry Night Public Event, Florida Museum of Natural History
Friday 13th April 2007, ~7pm, conference dinner
Saturday 14th April 2007, 5pm, end of science program
Saturday 14th April 2007, ~7pm, farewell event

Travel to and from Gainesville:

Check flights to Gainesville (GNV) first. Usually a connection is
required. The next best airports are Jacksonville (JAX, 1.5hr drive)
and Orlando (MCO, 2hr drive). Occasionally people use Tampa, which is
also about 2 hrs away. There is an airport shuttle service linking
Gainesville from Jacksonville airport (www.rnwy.com), but otherwise a
one-way car rental is the most convenient method of ground
transportation from these airports.

Travel in and around Gainesville:

A car will not be necessary for your stay in Gainesville. Indeed
parking at the conference location is quite limited. A car is useful
for exploration of the surrounding area, so, especially if you are
flying in and out of a surrounding airport and if there is a group of
you, you may want to consider keeping your car for the duration of the

Hotel information:

We have block reservations with these three hotels. Please contact the
hotels before March 10th (i.e. one month before the meeting) to make
your reservation. Note we strongly encourage participants to stay
until Sunday 15th April, or at least until the end of the science
program on Saturday late afternoon. If you are checking out of your
hotel on the Saturday please consider staying at the Holiday Inn,
where we have some rooms only available Tue-Fri nights. If you intend to have a rental car during your stay, we suggest you consider the Hilton, where parking is easier. Most of the rooms in the 3 hotels are doubles - if you wish to share, please arrange this amongst yourselves. Apologies in advance if you cannot get your first choice of hotel.

Reitz Union Hotel (352 392-2151). Located in the center of campus, in
the same building as the conference venue. About 1.5 miles to downtown. 36 rooms are available ranging from $70-$100 per night,
excluding taxes. You need to quote the code "STAR07" when making your reservation and reserve by March 10th 2007.

Holiday Inn, 1250 W. University Ave. (352 376-1661). About a 15 minute
walk from the conference venue. About 1 mile to downtown. 20 rooms are
available Tuesday - Saturday nights. Another 15 rooms are available
only Tuesday - Friday nights. All rooms are $92 per night, excluding taxes. You need to quote the code "AST" when making your
reservation and reserve by March 10th 2007. This hotel has a shuttle that will take you to and from Gainesville airport for free.

Hilton, University of Florida (352 371-3600). About a 25 minute walk
(past the museums, scenic Lake Alice and alligators) from the conference venue (or a short bus/taxi ride, which we aim to provide). 30 rooms are available at $134 per night, excluding taxes. You need to quote the code "UDA" when making your reservation and reserve by March 10th 2007. This hotel has a shuttle that will take you to and from Gainesville airport for free.

Financial assistance:

We are still awaiting funding decisions from NASA and NSF, so cannot
at this stage guarantee any travel support for the participants who
have already made requests for such support. If you know at this stage
that you can only attend if support is forthcoming, please send email
to jt @ astro.ufl.edu.

Registration fee:

The conference registration fee will be $150, to be paid in cash or
by personal check by ALL attendees on their arrival. There may be some
reimbursements for those to whom financial support has been offered, but these will be made separately.

Conference dinner:

The conference dinner will be on the evening of Friday 13th April 2007
and will cost $30 to be paid at the time of registration. A limited
number of guest tickets will be available.

Poster presentations:

Posters should be no more than 2 feet 11 inches wide; 4 feet 10 inches
tall.  We are assuming that all attendees who are not giving talks are
bringing one poster. If you want to bring an extra poster, please
inform jt @ astro.ufl.edu.

Public Outreach:

We are organizing a public outreach event, "Starry Night - The Search for
Stellar Origins from Antiquity to the 21st Century" on the evening of Thursday 12th April 2007 at the Florida Museum of Natural History.
This will feature a public lecture on the historical development of our understanding of star and planet formation by Dr. Charles Lada, telescope viewing, planetarium tours, general exhibitions of U. Florida astronomy research, activities and presentations for children, etc. Last year about 600 people attended a similar event. Conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend (this is a good chance for you to see the museum exhibits and mingle with the broader UF astronomy community). If you want to contribute in other ways, perhaps with a poster exhibit or short oral presentation, please contact jt @ astro.ufl.edu.

Additional information:

Additional information on the final science program, directions to the
welcome reception and conference venue will be made available via the
conference web-site (http://conference.astro.ufl.edu/STARSTOPLANETS/)
and in future emails.