First we would like to thank everyone again for making our conference a success!  We hope everyone enjoyed the excellent talks and posters, and also had time to enjoy the beach and other amenities.
    Proceedings Instructions
Attached to this message is a gzipped tarball containing everything you will need for producing your proceedings article for the meeting.  The tarball contains our LaTeX style file, a LaTeX template, and a PDF of the template.  Please read the PDF file as it has detailed instructions for how to use the template.  Also please read the README file which contains instructions for how to submit your completed proceedings.
The page limit and file size limitations (also described in the README file) are as follows:
Invited Talks - 10 pages or less AND 6MB or less
Solicited Talks - 7 pages or less AND 6MB or less
Contributed Talks - 5 pages or less AND 4MB or less
Posters - 3 pages or less AND 4MB or less
The deadline for submitting your proceedings article is Monday, 17 December.
Please download the tarball and submission instructions. When you upload your proceedings to our ftp server, please send an email to so that we know that it is there and can be sure to retrieve it.  Due to our ftp server setup, we also ask that you please avoid uploading your tarball to the ftp site between the hours of 22:00-04:00 EST.
If you did not return your copyright form to us at the meeting, please either fax it to me at +1-352-392-5089, or sign it, scan it in, save it as PDF, and include the PDF in your tarball.
If you have any additional questions about preparing or submitting your article, please email us at
    Conference Photos
The conference group photo is available!  
Also we have a digital photo gallery of conference photos available here.  Click on the small thumbnail image to see the full-size image.
If you have any digital photos from the conference you would like to share on this website (preferably in JPG format), please email us as we would love to have additional pictures!  We will also include the group photo and selections from this photo gallery on the CD with the conference proceedings.
Again, thanks to all our participants, SOC and LOC members, and support
staff for a great week in St Pete!
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